Lindifam Realty Inc. is the corporate entity used by the Almond Tree Group to own and manage a portfolio of residential and commercial revenue producing assets in the Toronto GTA area. The goal of Lindifam Realty Inc. is to maintain a stable core portfolio of revenue producing real estate assets in good locations, conservatively leveraged, in order to produce a steady and dependable cash flow stream for the Group.
Almond Tree Investments Inc. is the vehicle that is used by the Group for all of its publicly traded financial holdings. These include funds that are traded on major stock exchanges, securities, and hedge funds.
Almond Tree Equities invests in well researched opportunities that will bring a strong rate of return for themselves and other qualified investors. Almond Tree Equities will make investment decisions based on certain criteria being met to ensure it’s a secure and sustainable investment. These investment may be made solely by Almond Tree or in syndication form. There are hurdles that must be met prior to an investment being made and once the investment is made, Almond Tree sits as an advisor or on the executive board of such investments.
The Almond Tree Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Mandelbaum Family. It is a Public Charitable Foundation incorporated in Ontario and registered with Canada’s CRA.
The Foundation contributes to a variety of charitable causes relating to the education, health care, relief of poverty and advancement of religious causes in Canada, the United States and Israel.