Almond Tree Enterprises is the umbrella entity representing the varied business interests of the Mark and Lindy Mandelbaum family.
In this respect, it operates as the family office for the Mandelbaum family and its constituent family members.

Almond Tree engages in a large variety of business activities, the primary focus being real estate development and financial investments.

Almond Tree’s principal operating business is its interests in Lanterra Developments, one of the largest and most prestigious condominium developer in the Toronto GTA area.
Mark and Lindy’s family is one of the constituent families who own H&R Developments, a firm started in the early 1950’s by Lindy Mandelbaum’s father, Sandor Hofstedter. H&R subsequently transferred most of its commercial assets to H&R REIT but retains a large portfolio of residential and industrial revenue producing assets which it continues to manage.

Almond Tree also has significant interests in publicly traded securities and hedge funds through Almond Tree Investments Inc. and participates in a variety of private equity and venture capital investments.

Almond Tree’s mission is to preserve, manage and invest its resources in a variety of sound and financially attractive business ventures on behalf of its beneficiary families.