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AnD is an Israeli venture capital firm that invests in pioneering early-stage startups, building them into companies that make a difference. AnD’s leadership team consists of veteran founders and managers of acceleration programs for tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Amdocs and Deloitte.

FirePower Capital

FirePower is the first firm in Canada to combine a seasoned advisory team and private capital team under one roof. FirePower Capital targets mid-market entrepreneurs, a segment that often has significant challenges accessing capital for growth. FirePower Advisory delivers the full spectrum of M&A transactions.


A Toronto-based tech start-up, Hvr is a new way of surfing the internet – where surfing meets social. On Hvr, connecting with others, pursing interests and having conversations happens across all web pages, not just in forums or on social networks – it blends the pulse of social with browsing the web.


Konfidis, through their unique platform, helps investors anywhere find the best Single-Family Rental (SFR) properties across Ontario, making SFR investing smarter, simpler and worry-free.

Lane Technologies

Lane Technologies offers a workplace experience platform that provides instant access to software, perks, information, services and amenities. It aims to increase engagement while seeing and influx of both tenants, office managers and landlords partaking in building-centric activities. Lane was acquired by View the Space Inc. (VTS) in October 2021, giving VTS the largest global customer base for tenant experience with 3 million users across 1,400 buildings in 13 countries.

Lighthouse Credit Union

Launched in 2022, Lighthouse Credit Union is the first new credit union in Ontario in more than a decade - established to primarily serve the Greater Toronto Area’s diverse Jewish community. Lighthouse aims to help address the increasingly challenging goal of home ownership. Mark Mandelbaum is also a director of Lighthouse.

OnCall Health

OnCall Health enables behavior healthcare companies of all sizes to be virtual-first by providing telehealth solutions that eliminates the barriers of distance and time between patients and providers, thereby boosting growth.


Almond Tree and District Ventures, led by general partner Arlene Dickinson are lead investors in Sapsucker. Sapsucker is certified organic, sparkling maple water with natural fruit extracts. Sustainably sourced, no sugar added, rich in electrolytes and contains 46 naturally occurring polyphenols, antioxidants, prebiotics and minerals. It is available in stores nationally in Canada.


SkyX is redefining long-range asset (such as pipelines) monitoring through the use of highly sophisticated drones by revolutionizing the way aerial data is accumulated, analyzed and actioned. SkyX’s exceptional team of aeronautic, robotic and electrical engineers work shoulder-to-shoulder with certified pilots, mission control directors and data analytics to create breakthrough solutions. SkyX owns and operates all drones deployed to provide its offered services.